Wearing pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness? This is the cord of consciousness into something

With Monday marks the beginning of the month of Annual Breast Cancer Awareness October, supporters will wear their pink ribbons in showing support for ongoing research for healing. This is a recurrent ritual for a number of causes, such as the Teal ribbon for ovarian cancer to red ribbons for AIDS awareness.

But when is the ribbon begins to be used as a symbol for various causes?

The Folklife Center Library Congress has studied the history of such awareness bands in American culture, and found that many citizens assume that the tradition is older than that.

Among the most frequently, asked questions raised to the librarian about, this topic is whether the family of civil war army displays ribbons for loved ones during the civil war, a theory that is often informed by the film John Wayne 1949 which he uses the yellow ribbon. The story of the film was inspired by military songs where the yellow ribbon appeared as a symbol for distant lover. The song originated from the 19th century but the center argues that the root of the ribbon consciousness can be traced to references to pop culture that is far newer.

In 1973, Tony Orlando and Dawn released the notes “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round The Oak Oak Tree,” written by Irwin Levine and L. Russell Brown. Reportedly sold three million notes in the first three weeks of release. The song is about a new prisoner just released. who sang that his girlfriend had to tie the yellow ribbon around the oak tree, If he still loved him. but the lyrics about the anticipated reunion touched, the chords, with vietnam war prisoners who had returned to the house early that year and attended Cotton Bowl, in Dallas where artists were opened for comedian Bob Hope.

Shortly thereafter, people really bind yellow ribbons around the tree.

Specifically, a few years later, Penne Laingen tied the yellow ribbon around the tree in the Bethesda yard, MD., While she was waiting for her husband Bruce Laingen. He has accused D’Affires at the US embassy in Tehran and is one of 66 American hostages seized by Iranian students on November 4, 1979.

On December 10, 1979, the Washington Post reported that he suggested that others would do the same thing. Another hostage family followed him, and also a sympathetic American. Even the hostages themselves Kathryn Koob and Elizabeth Ann Swift wearing yellow ribbons in their hair in a Christmas -themed propaganda video released around the holidays, reporting time. When the hostages go home the following month.

After 444 days, “Yellow ribbons are bound to almost all who cannot or will not hold back: trees, lamps, TV cameras, trumpets, drums, beautiful girls, hostages’ houses and public buildings , including the White House. “That, the time to report,” The traditional American symbol of a separate lover. “

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